Giving brings life.

I am quite dumbfounded at how much joy comes from giving. Though its easy to be selfish and protect what I have or care about…true life comes when I find myself lost in serving, giving, and loving others well. Scripture is true how you truly find your life when you give yours away. It’s such an added benefit of our baking that we get to truly love others.

In 2014, Fed by Bread was able to give over $17,000 away to support and feed vulnerable children in Rwanda and in other Sub-Saharan African countries. Though we’ve known that stat for a while, I’ll still amazed at how something seeming so small really can be quite significant. $17,000. Wow. If you at all joined us in purchasing, volunteering, donating, or giving bread to someone you love…thank you.

I hope this next year brings even more giving and more sharing as we, as a community, rally together to support young Rwandan women through the SHE campaign and set the table for more and more kids to eat at the Kageyo B school in Rwanda.

Hollie SchaubComment