Chief Baker

My name is Hollie, but locally I’m known as "The Bread Girl."

I grew up on an Oklahoma wheat farm and had my hands in the flour from an early age. Coming from a long line of excellent bakers, I learned the art of baking bread from scratch while also being involved in the process of growing hard red winter wheat.

While my roots were at the farm, I was given the opportunity to journey abroad throughout high school, college and professionally. I was deeply changed as I witnessed the cycles of poverty and continued to seek how I might serve, love, and advocate for those suffering and impoverished in my season of life.  My husband, Aaron, and I moved to Corpus Christi in early 2009, and after surveying what I had to give, I began baking and selling bread with the vision to serve the vulnerable. The same vision we had in 2009 remains: create and sell great baked goods while partnering with organizations that feed, love, and educate vulnerable kids. 

Although FBB has grown, my passion for baking remains and you’ll still find me with my hands in the dough. One of the best gifts has been developing relationships with our wonderful customers and volunteers. Without them this bakery would not be in business.  And when you place your order, I’ll look forward to meeting you. 

KIII interviews "The Bread Girl" 

Our carbs do good.
— The Bread Girl